Private Bus Drivers: We Have to Increase our Prices by 30% after Petrol Prices Hike

2018-01-12 - 11:11 p

Bahrain Mirror: Private bus drivers said that the increase in petrol price will make them increase their prices by 30%, if the competent parties do not reconsider this decision.

Ali Bader, one of the private bus drivers, told Al-Ayam newspaper that "the increase in petrol prices will make us increase the prices, and this will affect the customers," urging the officials to "return the previous price of petrol or find alternative solutions".

However, Um Waed said "we are in front of two options; either to increase the price or keep the old price. Both choices are bad, the first one affects the customers and the second one affects the drivers, thus, we need a fair solution to everyone."

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