35 Thousand Memberships Allowed to Vote in Chamber of Commerce Elections

2018-02-09 - 3:45 p

Bahrain Mirror: The number of memberships entitled to vote in the 29th elections of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and industry reached 35 thousand represented by 81,000 votes, which is about 8 times more than the memberships in previous elections. The number of memberships in the chamber reached 55 thousand, while the number of inactivated memberships reached 20 thousand, chairperson of the elections committee said.

Chairperson of the elections committee Jassim Abdul'aal stressed that the committee "took all preparations to counter any attempt to manipulate or fraud in the upcoming elections through the use of modern systems that make it difficult to falsify the voting forms, in addition to equipping the election hall with surveillance camera and  election boxes through which it is difficult to fraud, in addition to observers from the Ministry of industry, trade and tourism and Transparency Association who will monitor the elections with the use of scanners for faster sorting."

He further stated, during the open meeting between the Election Commission and candidate members of the Chamber and voters in trading house, that that the nomination officially starts on Friday, February 23 and closes on March 4.

Al-A'ali indicated that the last date to renew memberships is on February 20, 2018, calling on all members whose memberships will end before this date and before the election date, on March 10, to renew their membership during the aforementioned date, in order to be able to take part in the elections.

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