Labor Court Obliges Bank to Pay 23,000 Dinars to Asian Employee Dismissed under Pretext of Company Restructuring

2018-02-10 - 10:01 p

Bahrain Mirror: The First High Labor Court in Bahrain ruled that a bank must pay an amount of 23,785.666 dinars to an Asian employee who was arbitrarily dismissed after 18 years and two months of service at an interest rate of 3% as of the date of the lawsuit was filed until payment, and rejected any other claims.

The plaintiff had filed his case, demanding that the bank be obliged to pay compensation for the arbitrary dismissal amounting to 28,440 BD, hazard pay of 2,370 BD, end of service benefit of 39,631.600 BD, annual leave allowance of 1,501 BD, incentives of 14,666.666 BD, as well as ticket and expenses at a 10% rate.

He said that he had been working for the Bank under an indefinite contract as of March 31, 1996, and a monthly salary 2,370 BD. The bank; however, fired him on April 30, 2014, under the pretext of company restructuring, failing to pay his dues, which led him to raise charges.

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